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Role : Vocalist and Words (1999)
Birthdate :
1979, January 09
Place of Birth :
Astrological sign :
Height :
163 cm
Favorite artists :
Sheryl Crow,
The corrs, Meja, Tina Turner

Note : Van is pronounced "Ban" in

Tomiko came from her native town Kumamoto to Tokyo, in order to make fashion studies. But she was soon noticed by Lavenus, a glamorous hair-products brand, and that company choosed her for promoting its products.
On top of that, one of Van’s neighbours secretly sent her profile to the Avex company, that soon fell under her spell, and the company called her the next day, telling her she has been chosen for joining a band composed by a new composer called Nagao DAI(34) and a talented guitarist named Ryo Owatari(34).
As soon as Do As Infinity was created, a single was edited and the band performed in Shibuya. The band also performed on the streets, so that Van could become familiar with the singing.
After the fifth single We are., Nagao decided he wouldn’t appear neither in band promotional campaigns nor in CD booklets anymore. He liked better doing his composer’s job by writing his songs away from the spotlights. Indeed, with all the TV shows and concerts, Nagao couldn’t find any more time to compose, which could have meant the near ending of the band.

Do As Infinity has thus become a famous Jpop/Jrock band but after 5 years of success and the release of their best-of album DO THE A-SIDE , the group decided to disband the 29 september 2005.

Since then, the guitarist Ryo Owatari will continue his work singing and strumming with the band Missile Innovation, and songwriter Nagao Dai will work as a producer and composer, particularly for the Avex female artist Amasia Landscape.
Van is beginning a solo carrer.


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