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Kuusou Ryodan (Bibo no Aozora Che Guevera) 12/01/2006
I've just added a video from Che Guevara musical where Ban-chan sang some DAI songs. Here is Kuusou Ryodan
Kusou Ryodan (Bibo no Aozora Che Guevera)

2 Interviews added 11/28/2006
Added 2 interviews : one at Wowow and the other at Channel@ (+ talk and game).
interview Channel @

Added : Brooklyn Musical Interview 11/24/2006
Tomiko was interviewed for her role in the play Bklyn the Musical.
Bklyn Musical Interview

Yumeji PV 11/09/2006

Added Van's new PV : Yumeji.


New single : Yumeji 11/08/2006

Van's new single "Yumeji" will be released on november 29th, You can
pre-order it
here (CD+DVD version)
there (CD version).
: Lyrics section
- Update: avatars and discography sections


Senkou live at Popjam + an interview 10/15/2006
Added : Senkou live at Popjam and an interview at Break TV .

Channel-a 10/03/2006
Added : Channel-a feat Van-chan
(about 25 mins of video).

Senkou live 09/24/2006
Added : Senkou live at Music Fighter and an interview at MusiG.
senkou - Music Fighter

Music Fighter 09/19/2006
Added : Van-chan guest at Music Fighter

2 lives and an interview 09/17/2006
Added 2 lives : Flower live at Melodix and at Hey ! Hey ! Hey !(+talk ) and also Van-chan MelodiX interview(game) before the performance.

Senkou PV 09/01/2006

Added Van's third PV : Senkou
Her 2nd single "Senkou" will be released on september 27th, You can pre- order it

Senkou PV

Flower at Music Fighter 04/10/2006
Added : Flower live at Music Fighter

Flower PV 05/22/2006
Added : "Flower"' PV

2 lives à Music fair et une interview 04/19/2006

Added Farewell+talk and rainy blue
(duet with
Tokunaga Hideaki) at Music Fair, and a Ban-chan interview
Countdown Radio.
Her new single "Flower" will be released on april 23th, You can see the covers by clicking Here, and order it here (CD+DVD version) and there (CD version).


Farewell at Music Fighter 04/10/2006
Added : Farewell live at Music Fighter

Interview at Mesamashi TV 04/02/2006
Added Ban-chan ' s interview at Mesamashi TV

Farewell PV ! 03/12/2006
Added Farewell' s PV

Album title and covers 03/02/2006
Ban-chan's official website has just been updated, the name of her first solo album is "Farewell" and the covers can be seen here and there.

Hold me PV !! 03/01/2006
Added Van's first solo PV : Hold me

Signs section 02/01/2006
Added : "Signs" section.

Ban-chan's first album + Site update 01/25/2006
Ban-chan's first (solo) album will be release on March 28th.
You can already pre-order it Here (CD+DVD version) and There (CD version).
- Ban's official website has finally been updated with a new layout ! Check it out Here

Happy birthday Ban-chan 01/09/2006
Happy 27th birthday Ban-chan !!

Hold me live 01/01/2006
Added Hold me live in Aoyama christmas special. I wish you a happy new year ^^.

Merry christmas by Van-chan 12/25/2005

Van-chan wish us a merry christmas. Check the video Here.


Van 's CMs 12/18/2005

Added all Van Tomiko's CMs (Lavenus+Toshiba).


Van on Domoto kyousai 12/12/2005

Added the Van-chan's first TV appearance as solo artist on the show Domoto kyousai.
She performed
Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta (kiki's delivery service OST).


Website opening ^^ 12/12/2005
Welcome to Zento a website dedicated to Van Tomiko
( ex Do As Infinity singer ).
I hope you will enjoy this site and support Van-chan in her solo carrer.
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